Timeline for Super Six applications revealed

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THE timeline to progress the development of Scottish Rugby’s Agenda 3 project, which involves the formation of a new “Super 6” league at the top of the domestic game for season 2019-20, has been provided to all clubs across Scotland.

The application process will open on Monday 20th November 2017, and the closing date for submissions will be Saturday 31st March 2018, with the announcement date of the six successful applicants given as  Tuesday 1st May 2018.

“Since the Agenda 3 plans were shared at our AGM in August I have been delighted with the positive response from clubs across the country to our proposals to restructure the domestic game through the introduction of a new league structure and clear separation of the amateur and performance/professional teams,” explained Scottish Rugby’s chief executive Mark Dodson in an email to the clubs yesterday.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the individuals and clubs who have engaged and expressed an interest in this significant and exciting opportunity for Scottish Rugby and look forward to working with you throughout this process,” he added.

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