Tennent’s Premiership Leaderboard – after round 17

Ben Robbins and Josh Rowland close in on Johnny Matthews at top of try-scoring chart, while Ross Jones regains lead in golden boot race

Josh Rowland took his try tally for the season to 15 with his touch-down against Edinburgh Access. Image: Graham Gaw


18 – Johnny Matthews (Boroughmuir)

16 – Ben Robbins (Currie Chieftains)

15 – Josh Rowland (Watsonians)

13 – Craig Robertson (Heriot’s)

11 – Jordan Edmunds (Boroughmuir) and Patrick Anderson (Melrose)

9 – Paddy Dewhirst (Ayr), Russell Anderson (Melrose) and Ewan Macgarvie (Stirling County)

8 – Blair Macpherson (Ayr) and Joe Reynolds (Currie Chieftains)

7 – Grant Anderson, Frazier Climo and Kyle Rowe (all Ayr), Robbie Nelson (Currie Chieftains), Alex Ball (Heriot’s), Murdo McAndrew (Melrose)and Andrew Goudie (Stirling County)

6 – Will Wardlaw (Boroughmuir), Jamie Forbes (Currie Chieftains) and Bobby Beattie (Glasgow Hawks), Andrew Mitchell (Hawick), Rob Kay (Heriot’s) and Ali Mackie (Stirling County)

5 –  Steven Longwell and Stafford McDowall (both Ayr), Rory Drummond (Boroughmuir), James Gordon (Currie Chieftains),  Robbie Davis, Cameron Gray and George Spencer (all Edinburgh Accies), James Couper (Glasgow Hawks), Michael Liness, Ross Jones, Andrew Simmers and Iain Wilson (all Heriot’s), Fraser Thomson (Melrose), Peter Jericevich and Penalty Tries (both Stirling County) and Jack Stanley (Watsonians)

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78 – Melrose

76 – Heriot’s

74 – Currie Chieftains

73 – Ayr

70 – Boroughmuir

57 – Stirling County

52 – Watsonians

44 – Glasgow Hawks

40 – Edinburgh Accies

33 – Hawick


151 – Ross Jones (Heriot’s)

147 – Lee Millar (Watsonians)

137 – Gregor Hunter (Currie Chieftains)

132 – Frazier Climo (Ayr) and

75 –  Liam Brims (Glasgow Hawks)

58 – Gavin Parker (Boroughmuir) and Andrew Goudie (Stirling County)

57 – Andrew Goudie (Stirling County)

56 – Craig Jackson (Melrose)

52 – Lee Armstrong (Hawick)

46 – Richard Mill (Edinburgh Accies) and Struan Hutchison (Melrose)

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14 – Glasgow Hawks (one red)

12 – Edinburgh Accies

11 – Hawick

9 –  Currie Chieftains and  Heriot’s

8 – Boroughmuir and Watsonians

7 –  Melrose (one red) and Stirling County

6 –  Ayr


28 – Currie Chieftains

27 – Ayr and Glasgow Hawks

25 –  Stirling County

15 – Boroughmuir

13 – Melrose

9 – Edinburgh Accies and Watsonians

5 – Hawick

0 – Heriot’s

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