BT Premiership: Leaderboards (as of 7th January 2018)

Image: © Craig Watson -


13 – Fraser Thomson (Melrose)

12 – Jack Turley (Heriot’s)

10 – Sam Pecqueur (Melrose)

9 – Kyle Rowe (Glasgow Hawks) and Ross McCann (Melrose)

7 – Jordan Edmunds (Boroughmuir) and Gary Munro (Hawick)

6 – Frazier Climo and Pete McCallum (both Ayr), Russell Anderson (Melrose) and Ruaridh Leishman (Stirling County)

5 – Johnny Matthews (Boroughmuir), Harvey Elms (Currie Chieftains), Brendan McGroarty and Grant Stewart (both Glasgow Hawks), Michael Liness and Craig Robertson (both Heriot’s), William Farquhar (Marr), Ally Miller (Melrose) and Rory Hutton (Watsonians)

Purvis Marquees support Currie Chieftains



77 – Melrose

56 – Watsonians

54 – Heriot’s

49 – Currie Chieftains

48 – Stirling County

44 – Glasgow Hawks

43 – Ayr and Boroughmuir

42 – Hawick

30 – Marr


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119 – Craig Jackson (Melrose)

105 – Scott Lyle (Ayr)

94 – Jonny Hope (Stirling County)

88 – Ross Jones (Heriot’s)

87 – Jamie Forbes (Currie Chieftains)

79 – Ali Weir (Hawick)

77 – Andrew Chalmers (Watsonians)

59 – Colin Sturgeon (Marr)

41 – George Horne (Glasgow Hawks) 

36 – Ross Thompson (Glasgow Hawks)

26 – Ciaran Whyte (Boroughmuir)


Eastern BMW are proud to support Boroughmuir Rugby



15 – Ayr

13 – Boroughmuir

11 – Hawick and Marr 

9 – Glasgow Hawks, Melrose and Stirling County

7 – Heriot’s (including one red card) and Watsonians

5 – Currie Chieftains



21 – Stirling County

20 – Glasgow Hawks 

14 – Melrose

12 – Hawick and Watsonians

10 – Ayr and Marr

9 –  Boroughmuir  

8 – Currie Chieftains and Heriot’s


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