BT Premiership: Final Leaderboards

Melrose full-back Fraser Thomson was the top try scorer in the BT Premiership this season. Image: © Craig Watson -
Melrose full-back Fraser Thomson was the top try scorer in the BT Premiership this season. Image: © Craig Watson -


14 – Fraser Thomson (Melrose)

13 – Jack Turley (Heriot’s) 

11 – Jordan Edmunds (Boroughmuir)

10 – Sam Pecqueur (Melrose) and Michael Fedo (Watsonians) 

9 – Kyle Rowe (Glasgow Hawks), Russell Anderson and Ross McCann (both Melrose)

8 – Frazier Climo (Ayr) and Johnny Matthews (Boroughmuir)

7 – Charlie Shiel and Ben Robbin (both Currie Chieftains), Gary Munro (Hawick), Ruaridh Leishman (Stirling County) and Rory Hutton (Watsonians) 

6 – Grant Anderson and Pete McCallum (both Ayr), Brendan McGroarty (Glasgow Hawks), Bruce McNeil (Hawick), Michael Liness (Heriot’s), Michael Allen, Mark Bertram, Rory Drummond and Jason Harries (all Watsonians)

5 –  Craig Gossman and Scott Lyle (both Ayr), Micheal Brown and Grant McConnell (both Boroughmuir), Harvey Elms, Robbie Nelson and Mike Vernel (all Currie Chieftains),  Grant Stewart (Glasgow Hawks), Dom Buckley (Hawick), Robbie Mulveena, Craig Robertson and Tom Wilson (all Heriot’s), Scott Bickerstaff and William Farquhar (both Marr), Ruaridh Knott and Ally Miller (Melrose), Hamilton Burr, Ross Curle and Logan Trotter (both Stirling County) and Willie Thomson (Watsonians)

Badachro Gin


92 – Melrose

82 – Watsonians

71 – Currie Chieftains

68 – Heriot’s

65 – Boroughmuir

60 – Ayr 

59 – Stirling County

58 – Hawick 

49 –  Glasgow Hawks

44 – Marr


148 – Scott Lyle (Ayr)

140 – Craig Jackson (Melrose)

126 – Jonny Hope (Stirling County)

119 – Jamie Forbes (Currie Chieftains)

117 – Ross Jones (Heriot’s)

83 – Andrew Chalmers (Watsonians)

82 – Ali Harris (Watsonians) 

79 – Ali Weir (Hawick)

68 – Chris Laidlaw (Boroughmuir) 

59 – Colin Sturgeon (Marr)

41 – George Horne (Glasgow Hawks)

Badachro Gin


19 – Ayr

15 – Boroughmuir and Hawick 

14 – Marr (including one red card)

12 – Heriot’s (including two red cards)

11 – Glasgow Hawks and Watsonians

10 – Melrose 

9 – Stirling County 

7 – Currie Chieftains


25 – Glasgow Hawks and Stirling County

20 – Marr

16 – Melrose

15 – Hawick

14 – Watsonians

12 – Ayr

11 – Currie Chieftains

10 –  Boroughmuir

9 –  Heriot’s


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